Week 1 March 20 - 24

Monday, March 20

  • Welcome!
  • Popsickle sticks + seating chart
  • Geography Pretest / Google earth - Countries of N. America - what is America? why do people speak Spanish in Mexico? Portuguese in Brazil? English in the U.S.?
  • Circle questions + high five

Tuesday, March 21

  • warm Up: Please take out a piece of notebook paper and answer following on your own, silently:
    1. Geography is the study of the earth and its people.  What kinds of things do people study in geography?  Make a list…
  • Syllabus rules (presentation)
  • Who Am I? My personal geography.
  • Activity: circle bag toss race (work together / play together)
  • Debrief

Wednesday, March 22

  • Warm Up overview
  • Warm Up #1: Describe the geography of Redmond. Be detailed and specific.- how does this fit with our definition of geogrpahy?
  • Class website + calendar
  • Map Activity:
    • Part 1: On your own paper, answer following questions: Warm Up: What can we learn from maps? Make a list.
    • Part 2: Map activity - see assignment on assignment page (only had 15 minutes)

Thursday, March 23

  • per. 1 - map activity
  • per 2 &3 finish map activity
  • Show gun maps
  • debrief

Friday, March 24

  • state map quiz
  • current event 1





(Pair share: main reason for protest

  • show NYT map
  • Warm UP #1: Part 1: What is Geography?
    Part2: Why is it important to study geography?
    Part 3: Describe the geography of Redmond. Be detailed and specific.
  • Class review of warm up - write answers on board
  • Notes: geo definition +
  • Finding Gold Activity - Questions: What makes a map useful? What about a map makes it understandable? What are the qualities of a map that make it easier to read?
  • Warm Up: What can we learn from maps?
  • Map activity


  • Map warm up?
  • Finding Gold?
  • state map test
  • Review answers to pretest
  • Current event - geography?
  • Standing Rock Activity - Group Work (see overhead - discuss gov. options)


State pre-test???